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We’ve moved over all the information you need to use Audio Imperia over here, to our brand new website. You can view our legacy manuals here.

Areia: View & Download

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Trailer Guitars 2: View & Download

Purchasing Nucleus Lite Edition qualifies you for a credit toward Nucleus (Full Version), if purchased through the website! Simply email us at when you are ready to upgrade (the full purchase amount that you pay for Nucleus Lite Edition would be used as a credit toward that upgrade) and we will send you an invoice with the applied discount right away.

We do indeed offer a 20% EDU discount for students and teachers. To apply for the discount please send us a picture of your valid student/teacher ID to Please note that EDU discounts cannot be combined with other discounts which includes pre-sale and introductory pricing for new releases. The EDU license shares the same terms with a regular license and are not restricting in any way.

Please follow the instructions on the Native Instruments support page, found HERE.

Libraries that are developed for Kontakt Full (open format libraries) do not require authorization via Native Access. That is why these libraries do not come with a Native Access serial number. Unlike Kontakt Player libraries that can be opened via the Library tab in Kontakt, you use Kontakt’s “Files” browser to load patches, or even better, Kontakt’s Quickload feature:

DFD stands for Direct From Disk and is a technique for playing back large and very large instruments and samples without loading them entirely into RAM. In fact, only the first portion of each sample is loaded into RAM permanently; the rest is read from the computer’s hard disk while playing the instrument. RAM is able to react virtually instantly, delivering the first portion of any sample the user requests, while the computer goes to fetch the next portion of that sample from the hard disk. With DFD switched on you can load samples with up to 2 Gigabytes each even with moderately equipped computers.

In the event that you do not want to use Continuata Connect, you can also download and extract the .rar files manually. Simply use this online form to request your manual download links:

Once all of the .rar are downloaded, make sure that all files are in the same folder (ideally a folder specifically for that particular product). After that, decompress the first part of the multi-part samples archive and all of the other packages will be decompressed automatically. Once you have decompressed the samples archive, do the same with the instrument .rar and the extras .rar files. Make sure to decompress all of the downloaded .rar files into the same folder, which will ensure that the required folder structure is kept.

For Windows we recommend WinRar, on macOS we recommend UnRarX.

If Continuata Connect freezes during the download process, you can reset the application by following these steps:

– Open the application and then press your SHIFT key and hold it down. That will change the Download button to a RESET button.

– Then, when the browser window opens to select the install location, just select the location for the library. That should resume the download/installation process and allow it to complete.

This happens when you unzip the tool kit and then move the folder to a new location and it means that Kontakt is unable to to find the corresponding samples. This is very easy to fix though!

Simply follow these steps to “Batch re-save” the library:

Please fill out this form and stay up to date:

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